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Sales Training

Metamorphose's award-winning training expertise is tailored to address an organisation's specific sales issues.

Many organisations are disappointed with sales training, because, although there is an initial rise in motivation, there is seldom any lasting impact. The reason for this is usually simple: the training wasn't relevant to the business.

Metamorphose listens to clients, to discover their sales issues and how these are affecting their business. Only when we understand these do we develop a programme - unique to each client - designed not only to address the issues, but also to raise the bar, in terms of sales performance.

Unique experience, unique training

The unique experience which we have gained as one of the UK's leading graduate sales recruitment and training companies enables us to create training programmes like no one else - something really special which delivers dramatic and lasting benefits. We apply this experience to an organisation's wider sales operation - enabling experienced sales teams to shift their performance upwards through a structured combination of situational and experiential training.

Making training work - really work

Our training is delivered with commitment and passion, by people with drive, experience and energy. Our programmes are always memorable, relevant and meaningful - and the results are consistent: a real and significant improvement in sales results.

Our aim is always to:
  • Inspire and motivate sales professionals to go that extra mile.
  • Bring 'realism' and relevance to sales training.
  • Enable individuals to understand their talents and fulfil their potential.
  • Deliver a unique experience which really makes people want to change.
  • Be different, memorable and fun.

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