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Metamorphose provides a unique and challenging training programme, designed to take sales managers to the next performance level.

Being successful in sales isn't enough to assure success in sales management. Top-performing sales managers combine process with psychology; decision-making with intuitive understanding; inspirational leadership with strong results-management. Such skills don't come easily or even as a result of a short course - no matter how good that course.

In response to this challenge, Metamorphose has developed a unique ten-month programme which we've called Momentum. Specifically for sales managers, Momentum combines engaging training with action-based workplace learning, one-to-one personal coaching and evaluative assessment.

What is Momentum?

Momentum is a ten-month, highly intensive programme which consists of eight days' training (divided into four two-day modules) and six intensive personal coaching sessions. Between each of the modules, sales managers also undertake learning in the workplace, guided and supported by their personal coach.

This combination of activities transforms training from a brief event with short-lived benefits into something which delivers lasting results. This real behaviour change happens only when learning combines these three key elements:

  • It must be real, not hypothetical.
  • It must be relevant to the sales manager's organisation and issues.
  • It must be followed through - supported right throughout the programme.
How real is the change in performance?

Some training courses make you feel good for a while, but have little measurable impact. We take a more thorough approach to ensuring satisfaction. Before the Momentum programme, we use a 360-degree analysis tool to benchmark the sales manager against an agreed set of competencies. We use the same process after the programme to provide an accurate measure of performance improvement.

What is included?

Our programme includes:

  • pre- and post-course 360-degree analysis with one-to-one feedback.
  • eight days' training.
  • action-based learning material for the workplace.
  • six face-to-face personal coaching sessions.
  • unlimited access to the personal coach, via e-mail and telephone.

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