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Managed Programmes

When organisations don't have the knowledge or resources to plan and manage major sales-related projects, Metamorphose can help.

We have the skills, experience and resources to undertake and manage entire programmes on our clients' behalf. Organisations benefit from our expertise and are able to continue to focus on what they are good at: their core business.

In order to meet an organisation's needs, any of our services can be tailored or combined to form a complete solution. This includes our recruitment, sales training, management sales training and training consulting services.

Our solutions are focused on maximising sales, through skills acquisition, whether by finding, hiring and developing new people, upskilling current teams or even changing your sales competencies to cope with new business requirements.

We can plan and manage large recruiting campaigns, sales academies and training programmes - enabling clients to hand the short-term problem to Metamorphose to manage, using our proven processes and infrastructure. We can even establish an entirely outsourced sales team - reducing management overheads, within clearly defined levels of performance and accountability.

We're as innovative as we are experienced, able to create relevant and cost-effective solutions to a wide assortment of sales-related needs.

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