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Graduate Sales Recruitment, Training And Support

Metamorphose connects the best new sales people with those organisations in need of outstanding sales performance.

Metamorphose takes people almost exclusively with little or no experience, so that they can be trained, coached and moulded to be the best, without having to unlearn ineffective or outmoded sales habits. We select people with the most important attribute of a successful sales person - attitude - and then provide sales skills and knowledge which they lack, through our proven sales and coaching programmes.

Meticulous screening

We're exceptionally thorough. We receive an average of between 3,000 and 4,000 CVs each month; through a careful telephone-screening process of each and every candidate, we invite the most outstanding people to attend a rigorous assessment day.

Rigorous assessment

Our face-to-face assessment takes a day - compare that with the brief interview given by many recruitment companies. All candidates undergo a range of assessment, including engaging them with others in test scenarios, group exercises, psychometric testing - and even delivering an individual presentation. This is also for us, though, to understand each candidate's personality, because a vital part of our success formula is matching each candidate with the organisation where the cultural fit is the best.

Only the best candidates make it to interview

It's our policy to only ever put forward two candidates for each position. We can do this with confidence, as our screening & assessment process ensures that our clients will see only those who are the best. (We believe that the only reason why many organisations have to interview larger numbers of people is because their recruitment companies are not adequately narrowing the choice.)

That's just the start of the process, not the end

In the first month of employment, Metamorphose's successful candidates return for a week's intensive training on our 'inspirational selling' course. Four months later, candidates return again for an additional two days' training in advanced selling skills. This enables them to take on new skills (such as advanced negotiation and self-awareness) in the context of their particular challenges. In month eight, they return once more - for another two days' learning - this time on delivering high-impact presentations, with confidence and clarity. Throughout all twelve months, they will have the support of an expert mentor at Metamorphose, whenever help or advice is required.

Metamorphose works for the long haul, with both sales professionals and organisations, helping both to succeed by providing one of the best and most proven graduate sales recruitment & training processes available.

Maximising payback time

The second year of a career in sales is a critical period, as this is when an organisation starts getting true payback from a sales person. So, Metamorphose offers an additional twelve months' coaching support together with a two-day advanced sales simulation, to ensure that sales people maintain their momentum - and are even more prepared for the career ahead.

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