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Business Sales Simulations

Metamorphose helps to keep sales people highly motivated and continually builds their abilities, using innovative business sales simulations - what we call Mission-Based Training©.

The premise is simple: practice makes perfect. Mission-Based Training enables a sales person or team to practise winning business, in a highly realistic simulation, without the risk of losing a real deal.

These aren't tired role-plays, designed for laughs and easy motivation: professional actors pose as potential buyers, in a convincing fictional environment. Each simulation has a specific mission, at which the team must succeed. While it's fun, it's also challenging: sales teams must successfully undertake meetings, telephone calls, proposals, presentations and negotiations, to keep in the running - just like in real life.

In fact, we believe this to be as real as simulations can get - and it takes sales people out of their comfort zone, so that they can learn from mistakes, without any threat to the business.

Each stage of the simulation is captured through telephone-recording and unobtrusive equipment, allowing facilitators to review and coach sales people after each stage. Sales people take their CD-ROMs away with them, so that they may continue to learn from their progress, after the event.

Mission-Based Training also enables continual learning, without exposing sales people to tired, more-of-the-same sales training which, ultimately, leaves them feeling cynical about developing their own skills.

Open Mission-Based Training programmes

We run a range of open programmes, which anyone can attend, working with other people from their own or different organisations.

Company-specific Mission-Based Training programmes

For a more focused approach, we can work with clients to design a business simulation which accurately replicates that organisation's daily sales processes. The 'mission' is to work through the simulation, from lead-generation to clinching the deal. The sales team is divided into small 'selling teams' which, over the course of two or three days, compete against one another to win the contract.

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