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Advanced Personal Sales Coaching And Mentoring

At Metamorphose, we believe that our professional coaching and mentoring programme helps delegates implement their new skills in the workplace more effectively with faster, better results. In essence, it boosts confidence, motivation and positively addresses the issue of retention and sales performance development.

In the first 12 months, while delegates undertake the Inspirational Selling Programme, they receive the support from their Metamorphose sales coach. The objective of the coach is to help the recruit overcome barriers and reinforce the key elements of the training to ultimately achieve their sale targets.

Our coaches are all professionals, with a wealth of experience in sales, management and training proving to be invaluable to the delegate. They have been there and they have certainly worn the T-shirt! The programme itself aims to provide 360 degree measurement and feedback to the employer, line manger and delegate.

What to expect:

  • Coaching to achieve the recruit's specific KPIs and performance expectation
  • Feedback on performance and development areas
  • Proactive coaching to ensure training learning is implemented in the workplace

The Line Manager

  • Call made to et expectation and confirm KPIs
  • Monthly progress call to delegate
  • Unlimited access to personal coach via email and dedicated telephone number
  • Written and verbal feedback on candidate performance

To Candidates

  • 3 face to face consultation with personal coach
  • Monthly coaching call to candidate to reinforce training and provide support
  • Unlimited access to coach for 12 months via email and dedicated telephone line
  • Documented coaching call, prior to, and after training to set objectives and review

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