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At Metamorphose, we believe that, for successful sales people, attitude is the most important personal attribute. With the right attitude, you can achieve virtually anything.


Why should I consider Graduate Sales Recruitment in 2014

By graham.dell@optimalinet.com | Tags: Graduate Sales Recruitment

We think that getting the right blend of experienced sales people and fresh talent is the recipe for success.

Most organisations will already have developed a sales team with indepth knowledge of products, the market, the competition and the idiosyncratic detail of a particular industry. 

However what those sales teams may lack is the hunger, drive, ambition of graduate talent freshly armed with new tools and techniques.

The business environment is becoming more competitive and external factors such as the economy continue to hold back growth. Companies are looking for ways they can boost their sales performance cost effectively. Recruiting bright talented graduate talent, with the right attitude for sales and marketing, is providing to be a smart move on behalf of HR and Sales Directors.

So how can we help?

  • Firstly, many of our very own meta-grads go on to be award winners, top performers and are often still with the companies that they were placed with.
  • We understand graduates and we understand our clients needs. We know exactly what great potential looks like and we are pleased to say that many of the graduates that come through our doors have exactly the right attitude and enthusiasm for a career in sales.

So what makes us different to other graduate recruitment processes?

  • We do not only adopt a rigorous screening and assessment process but we provide our ISMM endorsed training; ensuring that meta-grads reach the desired performance level as quickly as possible. And it does n't stop there. Our advanced coaching programme, provides ongoing support for the first 6-12 months.
  • Both these essential elements also allow the meta-grad to concentrate on increasing their understanding of the company's business and the industry.

To find out what a meta-grad could do for you then call us on 01452 346346.


Sales Spotlight: Memorable Sales Presentations

By graham.dell@optimalinet.com | Tags: Sales spotlight

Being able to deliver an effective sales presentation is an important part of a sales person's role. The sales presentation itself gives the sales person an excellent opportunity to position themselves and their company to a captive audience.

Whatever the situation ensuring that your presentation delivers your message effectively is key.
At meta-morphose we have worked some of the UKs top sales teams, teaching tried and tested techniques in planning, producing and delivering "stand out" presentations. Our approach to sales presentation training is somewhat different to the standard presentation training course. We believe that the key to a successful winning sales presentation is knowing how make it memorable.

Similar to a great advertising campaign a presentation should includes elements that will be easily remembered by the audience. Compelling messages, impactful content - delivered with enthusiasm. At meta-morphose we have helped individual and entire sales team improve their presentation skills and learn new techniques that ultimately win them more business.

Call us today on 01242 253253 and find out how we can make your sales presentation more memorable and more effective.

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