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At Metamorphose, we believe that, for successful sales people, attitude is the most important personal attribute. With the right attitude, you can achieve virtually anything.


Metamorphose has six finalists for BESMA 2015

By graham.dell@optimalinternet.co.uk | Tags: BESMA 2015, Metamorphose, six finalists

The British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards (BESMA) held every year by the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM) is aimed at recognising the top sales people in specific categories. The 2015 ceremony is due to be held in February and leading sales recruitment and training company, Metamorphose has entered six graduates from a range of clients in the ‘Student of the Year’ category. There are eight finalists altogether and an amazing and possibly rare occurrence is the fact that six of the eight who have made it to the finals are all products of Metamorphose’s training and coaching programmes. The Institute has received a record number of nominations for recognition in the Sales & Marketing category at the awards this year, which is regarded as one of the most prestigious occasions in the sales calendar.

Over the years, Metamorphose has consistently had graduates who reach the finalist stage and has achieved many wins in this award as well as in other categories. In 2007, they had four category winners in an event held by a different award body. The graduates who are entered for these awards are already in specific roles with a client while taking part in the Metamorphose training and coaching programmes and therefore qualify for the ‘Student of the Year’ category. The company has maintained a successful track record of continually producing graduates of a high quality who have become finalists every year in which they have participated. This proves how the highly-effective training provided by Metamorphose turns their graduates into successful sales people delivering rapid sales results for their companies. It also demonstrates the immense value attached to the service offered by Metamorphose and further endorses the fact that what they are doing does work!


The UK employment market does not favour new graduates

By graham.dell@optimalinternet.co.uk | Tags: The UK employment market, new graduates

Job opportunities for graduates who have spent several years studying to achieve good degrees are finding it increasingly difficult to find employment relevant to their qualifications. Although recent employment figures show a rise in individuals being able and willing to find work and fill vacancies, the data do not reveal whether they   are just working in some positions as a stop-gap until an ideal opportunity arises that allows them to select a career that makes use of their specific skills or experience.   

One example of the dilemma that graduates face is the situation of student Alex Regan, who is due to graduate from City University in September with a master’s degree in investigative journalism. Being proactive, he has been sending off applications for jobs at the rate of five a week but has so far been unsuccessful in finding employment. The job market in his chosen career is very competitive as there are 75 graduates to every job, which makes the search for a permanent job in journalism an uphill struggle. His inability to find work is not through lack of trying and he feels that his search has been hampered by transformation in the media industry where cuts in revenue have had an influence on job availability. Many of Alex’s peers have had to put their career plans on ice and find full-time work in other businesses such as recruitment – a necessary sacrifice in order to be in full-time employment. Graduates with high-class degrees are not reaping the benefits of being in a job that merits their qualifications and are being forced to do work that they could have done without studying for a degree. At present, Alex has a part-time job at Pret a Manger, earning £60 for doing one shift a week and because London has become unaffordable to live in, he has had to relocate back home to Essex.

However, at meta-morphose the odds for Alex and his peers getting a job that they really want are being increased. In response to Alex’s negative job-search experience, meta-morphose owners, Sam Towell and Roy Bowles, said that they often hear stories of graduates like Alex finding it really tough out there. The fact is that once these individuals start work with our clients, they undergo training and coaching which helps to bridge the skills gap and makes them far more attractive. The statistics shoot up where they become 1 in 5 – not 1 in 75! That’s what delivers our 94% success rate.   


Industry Recognised Inspirational Selling Programme for Sales AND non-Sales people alike

By graham.dell@optimalinet.com | Tags: Graduate Selling Programme

Industry Recognised Inspirational Selling Programme for Sales AND non-Sales people alikeThe meta-morphose Inspirational Selling Programme need not be just for sale people. The tools and techniques can be as applicable to all customer focused employees. We tailor the foundation element of our training programme to give delegates the basic foundation skills they require over 3 days.

Foundation Skills equip delegates with a structured approach to solution selling, enabling skills to be honed and developed.

For those new to the world of sales or not directly in a sales environment, Foundation Skills provide the building blocks, boosting confidence in a structured approach which has been proven to deliver results time and time again. It is a structure that delegates can identify as being the company way of selling. The programme allows delegates to specifically develop sales skills as they put the training into every day use in the work place. The aim is to arm delegates with an effective toolkit that can be used with confidence:

The Tools include:

  • R.E.P.E.C. - Managing and handling successful sales calls.
  • P.R.I.M.E.D. - How to probe and gain understanding of where your clients are currently, where they want to be, and how they can get there by partnering with their company.
  • A.C.E - A fantastically simple tool to give you the power to uncover the motive for objections, establish the pain/gain surrounding it, prior to positioning the most suitable solution. ACE is something salespeople should strive to achieve at every possible occasion!
  • The key focus of this programme is
  • To give a sales structure that delegates can adopt as the company way of selling.
  • To build confidence by giving the skills

For more information contact us on 01452 346 346


We've Moved !!

By graham.dell@optimalinet.com | Tags: Gloucestershire, Moved

Yes we've moved to our new state of the art training centre in the rural surrounding of Highnam, Gloucestershire.

As part of our growth plan, the new location allows us to continue to offer the right environment for our clients and our candidates to learn, train and develop.

The training centre is located in Highnam, a small village approximately half a mile from the A40, and less than 10 minutes drive from Gloucester. Conveniently located close to junction 11 on the M5 and less than an hour away from Bristol and Birmingham,

The rural surroundings create a calm yet stimulating environment for learning that is a pleasant change from the hustle and bustle of more suburban locations. We even have a farm and a pond!

The centre itself has plenty of space, ideal when running large corporate training sessions; and various rooms and spaces, ideal for breakout sessions and syndicate work.

Our rooms boast the latest equipment such as our AV tools, with playback functionality to assist with coaching and feedback. We also have the flexibility to re-create a simulated working environment e.g. meeting rooms, customers office - to assist with role plays and business simulation exercises.

Our team are all based at the training centre. They are on hand to assist with any queries and be close to the action during training programmes and graduate assessment days.

Finally, our training centre can also be hired for meetings, seminars and as an assessment centre. Why not drop us a line at sales@meta-morphose.co.uk or call us on 01452 346 346 to arrange a viewing.

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