Why Choose Metamorphose?

Organisations choose meta-morphose because they want the best, most enthusiastic graduates and graduate-calibre sales people.

"The concept of Metamorphose is so simple that it is brilliant." - Sir John Harvey Jones

Sir John Harvey JonesMany organisations rely heavily on a high-performing sales team and searching for the very best talent to support a business can be time-consuming and expensive. At Metamorphose we provide industry-leading recruitment processes to find top-notch sales personnel who can help raise your business to a new level and backed by our highly effective training programmes, we can transform potential talent that has no experience but bags of enthusiasm into high-achieving sales people. Our methodology is what makes us stand out from the crowd and as a first port of call we will ensure that selected candidates are perfectly matched and committed to your organisation.

We know how important it is to have a good sales person with plenty of drive who can contribute to the success of a business. It is for this reason that all potential candidates are individually screened to assess their personality and sales ability and then matching them to relevant organisations. We do not just rely on CVs in the selection process as many individuals have a built-in talent to become a successful sales person. Our clients can feel confident that when they interview a Metamorphose-selected candidate they are getting only top-of-the-range talent.

Is your professional sales team under-performing and failing to meet targets? This is where Metamorphose can step in by providing a unique range of training and coaching services to help instil more enthusiasm and encourage those involved to remain at the top of their game and be nothing but the best. Once employed, sales people can benefit from our comprehensive, year-long training and support programme to further develop their skills, perform strongly and stay long enough to make a difference to an organisation. In fact, an amazing 94% of Metamorphose graduates are retained by our clients after the first year.

Organisations select Metamorphose because they want only the best graduate-calibre sales people to be the backbone of their business. Our graduates usually become top achievers in their first year and have dominated the UK’s top sales awards. The standard of training at Metamorphose is regarded as outstanding and many of our clients have repeatedly returned to benefit from our expertise.   

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