Perceptive Online Chooses Graduate Recruitment

Perceptive OnlineGraduate Recruitment

Leading IT solutions provider choose graduate recruitment to find them a sales superstar.

Company Background:

Perceptive Online were formed in 2003 to meet increasing demand from UK businesses for a more flexible, cost effective and secure IT systems solution. Based in Newbury, Perceptive offer an online hosting solution that removes the necessity for IT technical staff.
Managed by a team with extensive IT experience, Perceptive Online's clients receive server upgrades, software licensing updates and specialist IT resource, meaning that clients can concentrate on running their business

Services include:

Most recently, Perceptive Online have merged with offering increased IT services to their growing clientbase.

  • Hosted Messaging
  • Managed Servers
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Financial Accounting & Supply Chain Management
  • Software as a Service


Perceptive Online experienced significant sales growth of 18% in 2011 and the challenge was to maintain a similar rate of growth in 2012. Managing Director, Brian Parnham made the decision to look for an additional sales person to join the team to generate new business opportunities and follow up enquiries generated from their marketing activity. The "right" sales person needed to be ambitious, driven and ideally have an appreciation of business IT solutions. 

The search was on.
Perceptive Online first approached local recruitment agencies to help find a suitable candidate but after seeing a number of potentials, that did not fit the bill, Brian decided to turn to Metamorphose...
He had already been in touch with Metamorphose previously and was aware of what they could potentially do for his company. In essence, Metamorphose would find, select and train a graduate calibre individual for Perceptive Online that would hit the ground running and ultimately have a positive effect on the company sales performance.

It was time to put the theory to the test.

The Solution

Metamorphose went straight to work by considering existing candidates and by marketing the role through targeted advertising, email marketing and tapping into social media channels to ensure maximum exposure.

"I was impressed with Metamorphose from the start and their professional approach; they certainly seemed to understand our requirement and went about solving my problem "

Applications were received, and suitable candidates were then screened and put through the rigorous assessment process. In this particular case, 4 candidates were shortlisted for the interview process with Perceptive Online and although it was a difficult decision, Dan Coady stood out. He was offered the role in December 2011 and began his ISMM endorsed training programme along with the 6 months coaching provided by Metamorphose. 

"Dan displayed exactly the right attitude, enthusiasm and ambition to be a success with Perceptive Online"


Since his appointment, Dan has launched himself into the role and exceeded expectations while working with small and medium sized opportunities. He has secured XX amount of new business for Perceptive Online contributing towards sales growth of XX %. The recent merger with ISP XIFOS has presented more opportunities and Dan has gained more exposure to larger companies where the sales training has been invaluable. 

"I am delighted with Dan Coady's progress and so pleased we asked for Metamorphose's help. Not only have we found a great individual in Dan, but an excellent sales training and recruitment supplier should we need to further grow our team."

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