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Hugin, Europe's leading distributor of corporate information, chose Metamorphose to help the company to induct and train its sales staff in the most effective way possible.

"We are delighted with all the results Metamorphose have achieved for us and consider our money and time well spent", said Peter Van Heeke, Group Sales Director, Hugin International.

The Company

Hugin offers communication professionals the most innovative, straight through processing solution for delivery of unedited corporate news to target audiences. Hugin's breakthrough technology has transformed this process for hundreds of Europe's leading companies.
Hugin's vision is to be the leading provider of innovative communication solutions for professionals and its mission is that Hugin shall be recognized as Europe's leading provider of innovative solutions for corporate communication. 

Hugin was established in Norway in 1995 and in just a few years has become Europe's leading distributor of corporate information. Hugin covers 16 countries through 8 offices with a staff of more than 47 dedicated professionals throughout Scandinavia, and continental Europe and the UK. Hugin utilises the latest and innovative technologies from fax to XML to web streaming in order to ensure their clients are offered the most advanced communications methods available today. 

The Challenge

Hugin chose Metamorphose International because of their track record and international sales training expertise. Hugin does not have multinational budgets but they do have a multinational product and sales force so it was imperative that they spent their money on a company that would deliver bottom line results and understand the international cultures they would be selling to.

It is important that new sales people to Hugin are inducted quickly and effectively, helping to get new sales staff selling and contributing towards local targets as soon as possible. To get the very best out of their sales force required the ongoing development of good managerial practice and sales training/coaching skills with each country's manager. The sales course was motivational to the senior sales people and promoted personal development throughout the teams.

The Solution

Metamorphose organised a number of sales training events, including professional selling skills, Mission-Based Training©, relationship management and team-building events. These have been to achieve a number of objectives including: 

  • Develop team working across the business
  • Generate a sense of team identity
  • Encourage lateral and creative thinking and problem solving
  • Identify and develop leadership skill
  • Bring to life Hugin values and behaviours in a practical setting
  • Generate a sense of fun and enjoyment in working together
  • Generate entrepreneurial approach to risk taking

Metamorphose Training Consultancy organised mission-based training© courses to assess skills and attitude levels throughout our sales organisation in a time effective manner and ensuring consistency of message and minimum standards towards clients.

Hugin have had very positive feedback from their staff who found the sessions both inspiring and motivational - they noticed significant improvements in both net revenue and new client acquisition in the four months following each event. They even noticed improvement in the few weeks preceding an event because the staff were pushing to be 'leading stars' going into the next event.

"We are delighted with all the results Metamorphose have achieved for us and consider our money and time well spent."

Peter Van Heeke, Group Sales Director, Hugin International.

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