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When Digi International wanted to improve its sales performance in Europe and the USA, the company turned to Metamorphose.

The company

Digi International was founded in 1985 as DigiBoard. The company went public as Digi International in 1989 and is traded on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol DGII. Digi employs more than 400 people worldwide and is headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. Digi International makes device networking easy by developing products and technologies that are cost-effective and easy to use. An extensive range of products enable a virtually unlimited number of devices or users to be connected locally or remotely to networks, multi-user systems and the internet.

The challenge

Digi recognise the need for continuous professional development in sales, to enable enhanced performance and continuing success. They were looking for a training partner who could deliver bespoke solutions across various locations in Europe and USA. Metamorphose International specialises in tackling sales performance issues through a range of solution based deliverables, including an innovative concept called Mission-Based© Training. Following detailed discussions with Digi, Metamorphose proposed how a designed solution modelled around Digi's sales environment could be delivered to the sales people, with the primary objective of improving performance.

The key training objectives agreed with Digi were to develop the sales team in the key areas of account management, relationship management and understanding the stages in the sales cycle with expected outcomes to improve sales performance to challenge and motivate the sales team and to increase revenues and margins.

The solution

The project commenced with the Account Management team in the USA. Recognising that they were dealing with a wide range of experience and talent, Metamorphose identified that the most effective way of developing the teams' skills and behaviours would be to develop a specially designed 'sales simulation'. It was also imperative that the team would need to be challenged and stimulated and that they did not see this as 'just as another training course'.

In response to these needs a Mission Based© Training programme was designed for Digi International. The event was developed to deliver the following benefits:

  • All the account managers, even with very different levels of experience, could participate in the same event with everyone able to learn from each other.
  • As a 'novel' learning experience it would be more memorable and stimulating.
  • It would take the account managers out of their comfort zones so they could learn from mistakes without threat to the business.
  • It would highlight 'how it feels' so would be effective in changing behaviour at work.
  • It would also act as a training needs assessment, so plans for future development could be made.
  • As a challenging and competitive programme it would promote the will to win.
  • As a high-impact event it would be an effective way to transfer learning to the real world.
  • Because the whole team would be involved it would develop better team working.

Professional actors were used as buyers, decision makers and influencers to simulate a scenario based around a full sales cycle, from first appointment to closing the contract. Trainers acted as coaches, to ensure each team achieved the maximum learning from the event, allowing them to practice, review, repeat and improve each task. This combination of 'experiential' and mission-based styles are powerful self-learning and self-awareness tools. Delegates were encouraged to understand for themselves their strengths and development areas and then commit to change through Personal Development Plans.

Following the success of the training programme in Minnesota, USA in 2004, Metamorphose International was asked to adapt the programme and deliver it in Dortmund, Germany for the European Account Management Team.

Commenting on the success of the programme overall, Tracy Roberts at Digi International said:

"The unique training programme devised for us by Metamorphose International has proved a very worthwhile investment and has improved sales performance and increased sales team and management awareness of areas that we can continue to develop to improve our long-term success. I would not hesitate in recommending the benefits of a Metamorphose Mission-Based Training© Course."

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