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BBT - Europe's largest supplier of heating products - turned to Metamorphose to provide a training programme to develop the management and leadership competencies of its team leaders.

The Client

BBT is the largest supplier of heating products in Europe, with an estimated turnover of approximately 2.5 billion €. BBT is an industry leader with over 12,700 employees based in 9 European and Asian countries with a family of national and international brands and a broad range of differentiated products manufactured in 20 plants. Worcester Heat Systems became part of the Bosch Group in 1992 and operates in the UK under the brand Worcester Bosch. The company manufactures and sells oil and gas fired appliances for a number of European markets. The Worcester site produces gas fired appliances, with another factory in Clay Cross producing the oil fired units.

The Challenge

Worcester Bosch realised the pressing need to change the roles and skills of Production Team Leaders as the culture, expectations and demands of a modern manufacturing business created new challenges needing new approaches. Following initial discussions Metamorphose International was asked to collaborate with an internal project team to help to scope and develop part of the Production Leaders Training Programme. Working closely with the Worcester Bosch team for around 12 months the challenge was to create a programme to develop the management and leadership competencies of this group of around 24 over a period of some 2 years. The Programme needed to integrate with various other strands of training including NVQs, manufacturing and technical skills. In addition it was important to identify with the stated Worcester Bosch values, show the skills and capacities to deliver in the timeframe identified and deliver a value for money solution.

The Solution

In response to this challenge Metamorphose devised a development Programme that was aspirational, meaningful and rewarding. The Programme was structured into a series of critical modules, each of which was focused on a cluster of associated skills and behaviours. These 'skill clusters' reflected the key competencies that would be needed by the Team Leaders of the future. To fit in with operational requirements the modules were delivered in focused half-day sessions. This Metamorphose element of the programme integrated fully with other strands to form the Worcester Bosch Manufacturing Development Academy.

The total programme was designed to be an enabler to facilitate and support the personal development of Team Leaders and Support Team Leaders in the transition from their current to their future roles. As a modular based programme it was timed to coincide with the stated objective of a staged development plan over 2 years, with Personal Learning Diaries allowing Team Leaders to plot their learning and plan their development from the input of all areas of the Academy.

In parallel to developing the leadership skills of the Production Team Leaders Metamorphose also worked with their Managers to ensure a seamless approach to managing the cultural change and to provide a common language and consistency across all three management levels in the Manufacturing Department.

Within the first 6 months Metamorphose had delivered 8 modules to Production Team Leaders and 4 to the Management Team. Regular evaluations highlighted an overwhelmingly positive response from participants and behavioural change began to be noticed in the way Team Leaders approached their job on the shop floor. Human Resources Development Manager at BBT Thermotechnology UK Ltd, Susan Todd said:

"I am delighted with the on-going success of the Worcester Team Leader's Academy designed and managed by the professional team at Metamorphose International".

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