Why Choose Metamorphose?

Organisations choose Metamorphose because they want the best, most enthusiastic graduates and graduate-calibre sales people.

'I read an article on the concept of Metamorphose that changed my business forever!' - Nigel Botterill 

Botty's Rules For Successful Sales People

Here's an extract from Nigel's book...

I made the decision to hire my first salespeople when I was on an airplane flying to America. I was reading the BA In Flight magazine, and there was an advertorial feature about the late Sir John Harvey Jones. He was recommending a company called Metamorphose. They were a recruitment company that only placed graduate or graduate calibre people that had a high propensity to be successful in sales. They not only placed these people, they also trained and developed them, which was exactly the service I was looking for.

As soon as I got off the plane in America, I rang them and managed to get work underway while I was in the States. When I came back home five days later, interviews had been set up, and I met five great candidates. I was only looking to hire one person but two of the candidates were really excellent, and I couldn't decide which one to take on. I went home that night and talked with Sue about my dilemma. Finding really good people is hard. They're increasingly rare, and the conclusion Sue and I came to was that we should take them both - which I did, and Cat and Thom are still with us today. They are both star members of the N5 team.

'Finding really good people is hard. They're increasingly rare...' 'Over the past four years pretty much all of my salespeople have been hired through Metamorphose, the value they provide more than justifies the cost!' - Nigel Botteril

Over the past four years, pretty much all of my salespeople have been hired through Metamorphose.  It's a great service.  Although it's a lot more expensive than most recruitment companies, the value that they provide more than justifies the cost.  Business owners often confuse cost with value, or else don't understand that there's a difference.  There is - a huge difference - and value matters much more.

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