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Award Winning Performance

Metamorphose trains more award-winning sales people for UK industry than any other company.

With our track record and pedigree, it's no surprise to find that Metamorphose isn't a stranger to awards. Not only do our candidates go on to enjoy a highly successful career, but many of them are recognised in awards, such as the UK's National Sales Awards and ISMM's BESMA Awards.

Sales people, trained by meta-morphose, who have won top awards include:

  • Award-winner: Victoria Goodwin
  • Award: Sales Newcomer of the Year - Products

  • Award-winner: Florence Barkats
  • Award: Young Sales Professional of the Year - Services

  • Award-winner: Simon Carter
  • Award: Telemarketeer of the Year

  • Award-winner: Anthony Scott
  • Award: Sales Professional of the Year - Media

  • Award-winner: Gavin Hagan
  • Awards: Overall Sales Professional of the Year and Sales Professional of the Year - Industry & Manufacturing

  • Award-winner: Peter Dennis
  • Award: Sales Newcomer of the Year - Services

Metamorphose is committed to raising standards, and if the awards continue to assess the personal qualities and integrity of the finalists, as well as their high achievements, it can only be good for the image of professional selling. We have sponsored this event from its beginning in 1997.

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